A gripping psychological suspense that will get under your skin

One dark secret. Two troubled souls. The lie that brings them together could tear them apart.

Mina Everton's search for the criminal father who deserted her years ago draws her into the sinister underbelly of the Australian suburbs and a lie twelve years in the making. Detective Lincoln Drummond is investigating a series of robberies. Simple. Until he meets Mina, who gets to him in ways he's never faced before, and it soon becomes clear the truth behind the robberies is far from simple. Despite Mina's growing feelings for Drummond, she can't bring herself to trust him. And the closer she gets to her father, the more she looks, and acts, like a suspect.

To expose the truth she must choose—destroy herself ... or the only man who believes in her.

Sometimes love isn't enough...

Fractured Press (October, 2014)   Suspense Fiction   368 pages
eBook ISBN: 9780994168818   RRP $4.99
Print ISBN: 9780994168801      RRP $18.95