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Grip Lit: What’s Really Going On?

Grip-lit is a phrase sweeping literary circles. Journalists (and now publishers) have claimed it as a handy genre description, citing the success of ‘Gone Girl’ and ‘Girl on the Train’ as examples of reader interest and it’s validity as a genre. Yet like all new terminology its definition is still in flux. So what is Grip-lit?

A Twist in the Tale

There are points in any story where adding a plot reversal or a surprising revelation can really ramp up the tension. Finding them, and that all important final twist, is what every suspense writer strives for. When developing twists I love to challenge my main character’s beliefs about her world and in doing so, hopefully, cast a different light on everything you, as a reader, understand about the story. This is great fun in a novel. But what happens when that happens in your own life?

Three Golden Rules of Time Management.

Ever find yourself frustrated by how long tasks seem to take? What about that mild feeling of disappointment when you don’t tick off everything (or anything) on your to-do list? Perhaps you are overwhelmed by the to-do list and have ceased to look at it. If so, you may need to look at the three golden rules of time management.