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Fractured Press (Dec, 2017)   Suspense Fiction   367 pages
eBook ISBN: 9780994168863    RRP: $4.99 
Print ISBN: 9780994168870      RRP: $22.95

Loyalty and truth? No way. There ain’t no loyalty. And the only truth? Everybody lies. – Joey Baptiste

Charlotte Ashe—the Weather Bimbo—gets the scoop of a lifetime: corruption at one of England’s elite football teams. It is her ticket out of her light relief gig at her local TV station. Her big break. Nothing will stop her seeing it through. Not even the man she loves.

But just as her source, player Joey Baptiste, agrees to hand over his evidence, he dies.
Was it an accident, suicide—or murder?

Charlotte’s about to discover just how far some people will go to keep a secret—including her.

Truth waits in the shadows, but in the shadows...

Bad Things Happen