Author: Rowena Holloway

Grip Lit: What’s Really Going On?

Grip-lit is a phrase sweeping literary circles. Journalists (and now publishers) have claimed it as a handy genre description, citing the success of ‘Gone Girl’ and ‘Girl on the Train’ as examples of reader interest and it’s validity as a genre. Yet like all new terminology its definition is still in flux. So what is Grip-lit?

Diane Hester’s Hit and Run

Her first book Run to Me was snapped up by Random House and went on to final in the prestigious Daphne DuMurier awards in the US. Rightly so. Diane latest novel is just as fast paced, gripping and heart wrenching as her fist. I can’t wait for you to read Hit and Run.

Interview with Sandi Wallace

A couple of years ago I chatted to Sandi Wallace about her debut novel Tell Me Why, which introduced us to police officer John Franklin and Georgie Harvey, two kindred spirits who clash over almost everything. Here I chat with Sandi about her second instalment Dead Again.

Review: Dead Again by Sandi Wallace

When Sergeant John Franklin’s case collides with journalist Georgie Harvey’s story about recent bush fire devastation on a local township, Georgie not only finds herself back in conflict with the man she’s been trying to forget, but uncovers a truth about the bush fires – a truth no-one is wanting to believe.

A Twist in the Tale

There are points in any story where adding a plot reversal or a surprising revelation can really ramp up the tension. Finding them, and that all important final twist, is what every suspense writer strives for. When developing twists I love to challenge my main character’s beliefs about her world and in doing so, hopefully, cast a different light on everything you, as a reader, understand about the story. This is great fun in a novel. But what happens when that happens in your own life?

Interview: The Three Miss Allens

The Three Miss Allens is a slight departure from the contemporary romance Purman has previously published. It uses a dual narrative, contemporary and historical, to explore how social mores of the 1930s South Australia exacerbates the fissures in the Allen family and the impact this has on later generations. Slip on your PJs grab some chocolate and be prepared to lose a day as you solve the mystery of the third Miss Allen.