In the dark chasm of Italy’s past some things are best left buried.

‘I think my friend is dead!’ she said.

My mother hasn’t heard from this friend in more years than I’ve been alive, has never, in fact, mentioned her name. Yet this stranger—a pile of bones retrieved from a chasm on the Amalfi coast—is suddenly the most important person in the world to her. All my life, I’ve waited for my mother’s affection. Now I must compete with a dead woman.

A mother’s secret…

When Harriet Taylor learns her mother once lived in Italy, a secret kept for thirty years, she accepts the challenge to determine if remains known only has the Positano Skeleton belong to her mother’s long lost friend.

An Italian odyssey…

How can she probe old secrets when she doesn’t speak the language and no one wants to talk to a foreigner about the skeleton or the past? Then a homeless man hands her a photograph and she must decide how much she will risk to discover the truth.

Fractured Press (April, 2015)   Suspense Fiction   335 pages
eBook ISBN: 9780994168832    RRP: $4.99 
Print ISBN: 9780994168825      RRP: $22.95